Thursday, March 31, 2016

Up in Flames

Today I heard screaming and people were running.
 I went out to see our neighbors cooking hut in flames.
Everyone was trying to keep the fire from spreading to the other hut and drying roofing grass.
It is so dry that it didn't take long and the hut was gone.
Thankfully, TaTa (Grandma) who lives there was ok and no one hurt.
We hugged TaTa who was quite upset and she just kept thanking God she was safe.
It is very sad but it was good to see everyone help and care.
We were glad to hear talk of the church helping rebuild TaTa's house.

Pray for TaTa.  She is one of the sweetest grandmas who enjoys working hard and serving her Lord.

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CAV said...

Looks like Josh is providing some local tribal fire protection. Great job