Monday, August 7, 2017

Youth Day!

We love the youth here and all God is doing in and through them!  We wanted to spend some extra time with them before we go on home service so we decided to have a youth day.  We worshiped, shared God's Word, and played games.
We had about 65 youth come to our youth day.  We were happy to see many new faces.

Lunch!  It is a big job to cook for 65 youth over a fire.  How thankful we are for Whinny's help.

After lunch we divided into four teams to play games.  We wanted to teach working together, encouraging each other knowing you win as a team or loose as a team - and we wanted to have fun!
We started with an obstical course talking about the traps out there to mess us make.  There are dangers that we need to avoid.

There were many little spectators too.

The sac race was a huge hit and everyone laughed like crazy.

Working together as a team with the hola hoop relay.

Tug-a-war was super fun until the rope snapped!  Thankfully it was the last war and no one got hurt.

Water relay.

After games we went back in for our last teaching.  I love sharing God's Word with them.  I like being with them just letting them know they belong and encouraging them.  We have opened our porch every night to any youth who need a place with light to study.  It is another way to open our home to the youth.  Josh gave a Bible challenge to all of them.  If anyone memorized Ephesians 1 they could have a Bible.  One week later one of the girls said the chapter and received her Bible!  I look forward to seeing all the ways God wants to use these youth for His kingdom.

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