Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Wedding Day

Lydia, Grace and a few of their friends were in a wedding Jan. 4.  Emma and his wife Priscilla come from our church but now live in Soroti where they were wed.  It was a month of weekly meetings but it was worth it in the end.  It was a fun day and a beautiful wedding!
Rehearsal the night before the wedding (very American to do that!). 
It was a very organized and timely wedding for Uganda.

The girls and I did several trial hair dos the week of the wedding trying to find the right ones.

Beautiful Bridesmaids or maids as they say here.
They rented these dresses for less than $3!

Lydia and Grace with their friends Rhoda and Priscilla 

Our Obule children :)
Samson, Kokus and Tom

Lydia and Grace walked into the wedding together dancing down the aisle.
Josh preached at the wedding

Luka and Emalai looking good too!

For weddings here they change their dresses for the reception.
These are their adorable changing dresses they get to keep.

Dancing all the way back in!

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Judy Porter said...

What a beautiful wedding! Loved seeing all the activities. Your girls certainly had a special day, too. They looked beautiful!