Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Snow Fun!

Hello from Michigan wintertime

Ice staking on my parents lake.

Ice sculptures in Grand Rapids, MI
We didn't last long it was TOO cold!

Back ice staking!

Uganda cousins ice skating

Luka wanted to try ice fishing so here is Grandpa and Josh fishing after Luka got bored.

Sledding behind the 4 wheeler!

Just so you know, yes it can be very cold!

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Kristen T. said...

Hi Shaarda Family...this is Kristen Tonello from Cadillac, MI. I attend the CRC church there and we've heard you speak several times and support your ministry. I enjoy reading your blog to know about all you are doing in Uganda. Our family prays for you regularly. I'm happy to see you are enjoying our Michigan winter! It's not as exciting for those of us who deal with snow all the time, so I'm glad you can appreciate it...lol! We will continue to pray that your time in the States will be relaxing and healing for your family. Many blessings to you all, Kristen