Monday, July 9, 2018

Learning in Many Ways

One of the families at our church are gifted in music and singing.  This year they wanted to get instruments so I encouraged them to learn local instruments (which are beautiful, unique, cost less and don't need speakers!).  Thankfully they were motivated by the idea and got teachers for anyone in the church to learn to play local instruments.  I was excited and proud of them!  So Lydia, Grace and Luka joined in learning.  The fist couple weeks we went everyday after school for a couple hours.  Now we go a couple or few times a week to learn.  I am very proud of my kids and the people here are too.
Lydia and Grace are learning the thumb piano (acango) - my favorite!  Their teacher is Benya. 

Luka is learning the local harp called a dungoo.  Music doesn't come easy to our family but Luka is trying hard.  I love to watch him concentrate so hard.  His teacher is patient and encouraging.

Lydia and Grace learn so fast.  There are not really note but just playing by hearing it and memory.
This is the biggest thumb piano in the set.  I think they are a work of art and their sound is beautiful.  This one is so old and well used it has large indents where the hands rest.

Malai mostly goes to practice to hold baby Aaron - he is so cute!
Then those learning practiced with a local band to do a choir in church.  I loved listening to them!

Then they had their first performance in church.  One of the leaders asked for prayer from the church as they prepared all week.  They did a great job - dancers and all.  It was frustrating for me that they changed songs from what they had practiced but my kids seem to handle it well.  Good thing it is a band and not a solo! 

Obule Band - oh, Luka is missing (playing soccer I believe).

This is our Africa Adventure Christian Academy's Spirit Week.
Grace and Luka put together a special week for school - I think it was great fun as we anticipate the end of our school year.
Our first day was Mexican Monday.  We dressed up and had a quesadilla cook off. 

We got to be the judges.  Grace won for presentation, Luka for taste and Lydia for creativity.
The kids did it all by themselves and really got into it.

Then we had Cheese it Tuesday.
 We dressed in orange, had to guess the flavor Cheese it (thanks Grandma for bringing them), and had orange punch.

Then we had orange races.  (Yes, our oranges are green.)

And we did art with oranges.  Always good to be creative.

And Renaissance Wednesday.
We have been learning about the Renaissance and Reformation in History class so we had what I call "active learning" (that's how I explain to our neighbors all the strange things we do).

Luka is a artist and Emalai is a queen.

Grace is an explorer and Lydia was our Reformer

The kids were in pairs to go on an exploration together.  They had to build a "ship", make their flag, find something new, gold and come back for their reward.

Here they are sailing their queen.

I didn't take pictures but we also had Fun Friday with games and sweet prizes.
Thanks Grace and Luka for a fun week of learning!
I am thankful for the flexibility and creativity in homeschooling.  We are one week from finishing our school year!
It is harvest time in Obule!  We praise God for consistent rains and a harvest!
We were able to help our neighbor who has a lot of pain harvest her millet.
We are learning new things.

Sorghum growing - beautiful blessings

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