Thursday, May 27, 2010

Grace's Surgery Update

Tuesday I saw someone in the store who asked when Grace would get her tonsils out. I said, "tomorrow." Grace piped in, "I get my tonsils out tomorrow -- I am so excited!" I thought, oh my, this girl has not idea what she is in for. All she heard is people telling her she was going to get lots of ice cream and slushies.

We were a bit worried considering all Luka has just been through that having surgery would be a bit traumatic for Grace, but she did great. She was quiet, but calm and cooperative. Josh went in with her and held the mask on her until she fell asleep. After surgery she was a bit agitated. She wanted the IV out and wanted to got home. We got her settled down. She did not feel well and threw up. After two hours in recovery we were on our way home.

Grace slept a lot. When she woke up she finally talked for the first time. She was up and down the rest of the day. We tried to keep her drinking. Later she wanted to eat but her stomach did not like it; she tossed it all over Josh. (Yuck!) Thankfully she slept well all night.

Her Grandpa and grandma Shaarda surpised Grace and came down from McBain to see her. Another friend brought ice cream. Many people called to let us know they were praying for Grace. When we told Grace she said, "I am so glad people are praying for me." Me too, Grace.

Thank you for praying for Grace. Again I could see God answer our prayers. Grace was so at peace and is recovering well. Praise God He is always with us and is our healer.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Delayed again, prayer needed

We wanted to just give you a quick update about Luka and ask for your prayers. Luka saw the doctor Monday and still has protein in his urine. It had been dropping, but there is still an unacceptable level of protein. The doctor said that since we have been delayed in our return (because Grace needs her tonsils out) he will see Luka again on June 2. If Luka still has too much protein in his urine at that visit, the doctor will put him on a new medication to alleviate the problem. We ask you to pray that his urine test at the June 2 appointment will show normal protein levels. Please pray also that Grace heals quickly from her procedure on May 26.

As of right now, we expect to leave June 13 and arrive in Soroti June 15. This is later that we would have liked because we have a team of high schoolers arriving for a few days on June 17. Please pray for a good trip for our family and for a good adjustment to life in Soroti again.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grace's Surgery

Well we had Grace's doctor appointment and she will be having her tonsils out May 26 which means her follow up appointment is June 9. Which means we will now be leaving around June12. What can we do. God has plans we need to trust in. We are thankful to be here with good health care for Grace to get the surgery before we go back. Pray for Grace!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pray for Grace

After God glorifying events we are bound to feel satan's anger. This time our family is a bit under the weather. Luka has a bad cold, I have a sinus infection, and Grace has strep throat. (But worth it if it means God was hononed Sunday.)

Please pray for Grace. Her tonsils are so big they are almost touching. She can hardly breath at night - snores! This is the second time since April so the doctor said she needs to see an ear, nose and throat doctor to have her tonsils out. Oh man. She freked out when they tested for strep and throw up all over me. I can't imagine how surgery will go.

Two big concerns:
1. Will this change our plans to go back the 2nd of June?
2. Grace knows all about Luka in the hospital and having surgery and almost dying, so pray she has peace as she will now go to the hospital for surgery.

We'll keep you posted.

To God be the Glory Great Things He has Done

For those of you who came to the thanksgiving service Sunday you know God was glorified. Wow, what a beautiful time of praise! It was awsome to look over a full church and see the faces of those who prayed for Luka and all of us. What a joy to testify of God's greatness.

Thank you everyone for coming and sharing in our joy, for loving us, and most of all giving God the glory with us. He was honored.

Faith is a beautiful thing. May we all hold on to God's greatness and love for us everyday.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Full Story...someday

I am trying to get Luka's full story onto the blog it is finally typed but we can't get it to paste on the blog. Frustrating! So hopefully we will get it on someday soon. Sorry.

We had the thanksgiving service for Luka's healing in McBain this weekend. What a joy to testify of God's greatness. I shed a lot of tears recaping the story. Lydia said mom don't cry when you talk up there. I told her it was because I was happy God healed Luka. She told me that was funny she cries when she is sad. We are so glad we were able to see some of you. Again we are humbled and blessed by your friendship and love. Truely awesome to share with you. Can't wait to share and celebrate with Grand Rapids friends this coming Sunday!