Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Praising God with Pictures!

Just had to praise God - He is awesome!

He is Creative!
He is worthy of Praise!

He loves us!

He is BIG!

He is beyond our thinking!
He is everywhere!

He is to be feared!

He has created all things (see the baby crocs!)
He is good!

He is delights in us!

He is our great, big, powerful, beautiful God!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

He Cannot Lie

Hebrews 6:18 It is impossible for God to lie.

Think about it.  God cannot lie.  He is truth.  Everything He has said is true.  His Word and everything He has said about me is truth.  His promises are true.  What He has commanded is truth. 

Do you believe Him?

If we say we believe yet doubt who we are, we are calling God a liar.  God said we are His beloved children, Holy, Saints, forgiven and free in Christ…but when we live defeated – we are not believing God. 

Jesus said it is finished on the cross and He has defeated satan – victory!  We are in Christ and have the same power and victory.  True?

God tells us He is in control – in all, over all, above all – yet we worry and try on our own.  Are we calling God a liar? 

God promises to provide for us, protect us, and be with us.  But we fear and avoid any kind of pain or hardships.  Can’t we trust God?

The Bible tells us that joy and peace are found in Jesus and yet we trust in money and things for happiness.  We have called God a liar.

God has told us His desire for marriage, the call of a husband to love selflessly, and the role of a wife to respect her husband.  But we have chosen not to believe God’s plan and have believed the world’s lies.  We have chosen suffering instead of blessings.

God commanded us to forgive then He will forgive us.  Are we obeying?

Jesus told us to love others above ourselves, to be last, selfless, deny ourselves and follow Him.  But our world tells us an opposite message.  Who will we believe and follow?

As God’s chosen people we are called to go and share the good news with all nations.  Have we, are we?  Or is God a liar?

Jesus says He is coming back to judge and to take us home.  Are we getting ready?

God cannot lie.

So, do you believe Him?  He has told us truth in His Word.  We have a choice to trust Him or call Him a liar.

May we choose to believe God and all He said is true.  If we do we will be changed, empowered, find peace, joy, assurance, strength, freedom…because His Word is life! 

Let God speak truth to you today…and may you live in obedience that comes from believing.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another Very Special Visit...

My sister Jenna and four of her children; Alex, Grant, Abby & Anna came to visit us!

My girls were more than excited to have their cousins here!

Luka thought it was great to have boy cousins around since he doesn't have a brother 

It was great to share our normal life with them

The boys loves Piki Piki rides

Mango season
Showing them Obulle center - our "Walmart" :) 

Meeting neighbors

Visiting the school at our church

Learning about life in the village

Visiting Achia

They fell in love with her too

Achia loves to touch to get to know you

One of their highlights was visiting the blind school.  It is a special place that we appreciate.
Lydia learned to type her name in brail.

This little girls stole our hearts with her smile
Our local Thursday market

Obulle Clinic - the pharmacy

The Ward

Baby scale
A meal at our friends house

Alex liked Posho and all the kids did great trying everything,

It was so cool, the kids started to dance in their local dance.  After watching for a while our kids joined in!

New Friends - kids are still kids everywhere and can connect even without common language.

It is impossible to share with you what we were able to share with our family on their visit.  It is always special.  I was so proud of the kids.  They were totally comfortable here.  They tried everything and went everywhere.  They met lots of people, played with kids, and made new friends.  They enjoyed Uganda!  It is so neat to see them feel at home here because it is their cousins home.  For years they have heard about it, prayed for us, and shared from afar.  Now they were able to be apart of it.  I loved having them here.  At the end the kids expressed how thankful and blessed they are.  How they see people here are so happy with so little and people in America have so much and aren't happy.  Conclusion; things don't bring happiness.  There is once again a hole in our hearts as they have gone back to their home.  Grace misses them terribly every time she does something they did together.  Luka cries when he talks about them.  I am thankful God gave us this time together,  I enjoyed listening to them, sharing with them, and praying for them,  And real, live hugs!  
Thanks for coming Hekmans!  Can't wait till next time.  May God continue to remind you what He showed you.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Celebrating our Savior!

Celebrating the victory we have in Christ!  
Our kids have so much joy.  I am thankful to dance in worship to our Lord with my girls.  
He has risen!