Saturday, March 27, 2021

Makai's 1st Birthday!

February 16 Makai had his first birthday!
We had a lot of snow!!!

The kids even had a snow day.

Happy Birthday!!! 

Makai got his own laminated pictures of the family because he loves looking at pictures

And we had his official birthday celebration a month later on a warm, sunny Spring day in March.

He got a little bike and hopped right on it to ride.

And books which he sat right down and had Lydia read to him.

We are so thankful for Makai!  We remember well getting the call from Adoption Associates on Feb. 18 that Makai's was born and waiting for us to pick him up!  Feb. 19 we met our baby boy and took him home.  Makai has grown and learned so much in a year.  He just started to walk this week!  He is a joy, precious, sweet, busy, entertaining, and adored.  His eyes, giggles, smile and kisses touch my heart.  I thank God He chose us to be his family!  We need him.  We love him beyond words.


 We want to share with you our winter break to the Smokie Mountains in Tennessee.  What a blessing!

Grace got a few hours in with her drivers permit.

Makai did great on the road trip and hours in his carseat!

We had a beautiful drive down through Kentucky! 

We weren't too wise and went on a 5 mile hike (2 1/2 hour) to a waterfall which exhausted all of us.
Poor Josh had two kids up hill several time!  And he still loved it.

Frog legs!