Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Village Life

I have so many great pictures that just begin to give taste of our lives in the village.
I love the peaceful setting, beautiful creation, and most of all our friends.
Emalai and Lusi

Grace fits right in here and isn't afraid to do new things.
Here she is helping her friends plant g-nuts (peanuts).

Just had to add a friend from our yard :)
She just makes me laugh sometimes!

In town Malai decided to carry African style.

Sometimes our girls put together choirs with their friends.  It is a joy to watch and listen to.
Malai was cracking me up this time!!!  She was so into dancing :)

What I love it that our kids don't care a bit how much they stand out.
All they see is their friends.

Malai teaching her friends

Every day the kids play football (soccer).

Luka LOVES it!

Doing dishes at the neighbors

Luka helping his friend heard the cows.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

17 Years as One!

I could not be more grateful to God for 17 years of marriage.  I now understand why marriage gets better and better - because our oneness continues to grow.  Knowing someone so completely and intimately is a precious gift.  I have complete trust and security with Josh.  I watched our engagement and wedding video the other day with our kids.  We enjoyed a good laugh seeing how young we all were (and what we wore), I cried seeing and hearing our grandparents who have passed away, and mostly I was in awe of how God has been so faithful.  Before I walked down the aisle the pastor asked Josh is he would love me selflessly and give up himself as Jesus loved the church and gave Himself for us.  Josh has lived that out in our marriage to this day.  Marriage built on and done God's way is a beautiful thing.  God created and designed marriage as a gift and blessing.  It has been  true of my marriage for 17 years.

Washing each others feet

Down memory lane - these are a few of our engagement photos from Sept. 1998

Our honeymoon to Flordia

Our 15th Anniversary - we renewed our vows

June 18, 2016
We celebrated our 17th anniversary overnight at Sipi Falls.