Sunday, June 28, 2020


We continue to need your prayers as we are feeling attacked and discouraged.  

This week started by losing Lydia's driving permit the day she was supposed to start her segment 2 of drivers ed and take her driver's test.  We only keep the permit in two places and Josh takes very careful care of the permit.  We looked everywhere.  Sectary of State is so backed up we can't get an appointment til the end of July to get a new permit.  Then Josh and Lydia got to the class (to explain and see what could be done) and the class was canceled without notifying anyone or telling them why.  Needless to say, we were a bit stressed by it all and felt very bad for Lydia.

Then Tuesday we got an email saying our court date for Makai was canceled.  Two weeks ago we finally got a court date, June 19, after waiting an extra two and a half months because courts were closed.  We were very excited to get the termination letter, share pictures of Makai, go out of state, and move forward in the process.  And now it is back to waiting.  The hard part is it is all because of a mistake by the court.  They put it on the wrong judge's schedule.  Now we have are rescheduled for July 22.  

And then Wednesday came and Josh had to preach for an online service on Sunday night and when he finished recording his legs began to ache terribly.  He wasn't up to par all week but by Wednesday night we thought he was getting sick.  He was never down in bed but slept a lot more, ached and began to cough a little.  Thursday was our 21st anniversary so we grilled a nice meal and ate on the porch together.  That night Josh had a fever so we decided we needed to get him checked out on Friday.  He was supposed to preach Sunday morning (in person) so he needed to know that it was not Covid.

Saturday we were getting ready to go camping for a week and the kids were SUPER excited.  We checked for the test results one more time before we left and it was positive for the Corona virus.  We were shocked - in a bad way.  He only had a low grade fever, a dry cough that sounds like his allergies, and he was improving a little each day.  Our kids cried when they heard the news and knew we couldn't go camping - worse yet we'd have to be quarantined for two weeks.  Josh cried with them.  It was not a good moment, again.  

It just feels like everything keeps getting taken away from us.  Anytime something good comes it is takes away.  And more isolation given in return.  We feel very attacked by the enemy to discourage us.  It just stinks, hurts, makes you is too much sometimes. 

I know God is with us and for us, I just hurt right now.  I know we have victory in Christ, but it is a choice to believe it right now.  I am thankful Josh is ok and we are all well, it can just be lonely in the hard times.  I don't know really what to say.  I just need to know people know and are praying for us. 

Pray for our kids. They are all worried about Josh and feel bad for him. Emalai already has lots of tummy aches from anxiety and even more today. She just wants to give daddy a hug. She said she feels better when she is close to me. It's the saddest thing to see them all give him his Father's Day cards while crying.  Grace said to me that she is going to stop looking forward to things because they all just get taken away anyways.  It's so sad that for the second time they can't see their grandparents, family, friends and do things they look forward to in Michigan.

After six days of quarantine and Josh trying to stay isolated from us in his office, we are all feeling well but a bit down too.  Having Covid and being quarantined is a funny feeling.  It sometimes feel surreal what we are going through.  I find myself processing what has happened.  It isn't nice to feel like you are contagious - like I am bad so stay away.  Isolation seems silly when we were together all last week.  Josh is suppose to stay in his office and we are suppose to set food by his door.  We are doing our best but we all need Daddy!  I find myself now questioning every little ache or pain wondering if it is symptom.  Last week I would have though nothing of the very same ache or pain but now it causes worry.  I really don't like how a virus has changed our world and us.  We use to just get sick, stay home, get better and go on with life.  I world of masks, distancing and fear is not living.  Just think how many ways the enemy has uses this pandemic.  Fear, isolation, sickness, death, division...these are not God's ways.  And then the evil one got every church in America to close!  (Not to mention abortion clinics could remain open and all party stores were essential.  Talk about a plan from the enemy!)  I know people will say yes but then there was church in very home.  It is just not the same.  We were made for community, unity.  It isn't right that so many of our church still have closed door.  We have lived in fear.  (Says the one with Covid in her house.)  I see the enemy at work.  Thanks be to God that His will will be done and He will receive the glory!

Like I said we need your prayer in our time of discouragement.  We came to Michigan for healing for our family and it seems all we get is more hardships.  Our hope and trust are in the Lord who is our Healer.

Trying to have fun quarantined.

Bought our own pool since we can't go to one right now.