Tuesday, June 4, 2019


We are excited to share that a birth mother has chosen us to adopt her baby!  Just three days after our profile was activated to be shown to birth mothers we were chosen!

Thursday morning Josh got the call.  He was so looking forward to for the first time telling me we were going to have a baby.  I was having breakfast with my ladies Bible study.  I had just told them about where we were in the adopting process - waiting.  Not more than ten minutes later Emalai, Luka and Josh walk in with flowers.  Luka and Emalai were trying to tell me that they four flowers are for the four children we already have and the flower in the middle is for the baby due in July!  I was so surprised and excited (confused) that I kept looking at Josh and saying what going on, is this it, tell me...  I was more thrilled that I ever thought I would be!!!  It was so awesome.  I was so glad the ladies, my friends, were all there to experience such joyful news with me.

I peppered Josh with questions.  Is it a boy or girl, what race, where is the birth mother... He didn't think to ask the case worker.  He left with the kids and the ladies and I prayed together with tear of joy for all God had and was doing.

My day was a blur of joy.  I could not stop smiling.  I felt like I was in a dream and had to keep reminding myself it was true.  I just wanted to think about it, our baby, and tell everyone!

We called the case worker back and found out it is a boy!  He is African American, healthy and the mother chose us because Josh is a missionary!  The birth mother is a Christian and it is so special to us that she chose us because we both love Jesus.

God has answered so many prayers and hearts desires!  He is so amazing.  His timing is amazing.  His preparing and orchestrating is amazing.  His provision is amazing.  His love is amazing!  He has worked in every detail, led us, and done it all.  I am in awe of His presence in this.

Ok, back to Thursday.  I met up with Josh with the biggest smile and hug he has ever gotten in
Meijers!  Lydia and Grace were still at home unaware of our great news so I went home to get them (did my best not to show my excitement) and met Josh and Luka and Emalai for lunch to celebrate.  I pulled out the flowers and Luka and Emalai told Lydia and Grace why we were celebrating.  Lydia cried.

We spent the rest of the day telling our family and friends who celebrated with us.  I am so thankful for people who rejoice with us.  What a day.

As the days go on, it is quite a feeling to be chosen by someone to adopt their child.  The trust this birth mother has for us is a humbling experience.  We chose to adopt because Christ adopted us and we can now represent Him one more way be adopting our baby.  Now being chosen by God to love His child is an honor.

So here are our prayer requests.
-We meet with birth mom this week.
-We are supposed to be out of our house the beginning of August for another missionary (my sister :)) to move in.  So we need a home to stay in from August-November in Ottawa County (because of the court process).  God has provided a child so we know He will provide a home.
-As the news sinks in, we are processing the fact that we will now be in Michigan a long time.  Today I had to cry about that.  We miss our friends, home, ministry, church family...  It hurts right now.  We are praying about all of this and making plans for school and maybe Josh to visit Uganda.  We are trusting God in our joy and sorrow.

UPDATE:  We had an awesome visit with birth mom and just love her!  Had complete peace before and after.  So thankful!  She gave us the ultra sound pictures!