Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another mock wedding reception - raise the roof!

October 26, 2013

How do you feel on the day your brother gets married and you can’t be there?  I find it easiest not to feel.  If I just don’t think about it maybe it won’t hurt.  But when I stop and think about the fact that I am missing all the emotions, being with my family, sharing in all the special things…I will never see my brothers face when he sees his bride or hug him on his big day…I just cry.  I want to be there!  I want to be apart of his special day but instead I will forever not be in the photos or apart of the memories.  It hurts.  I love my family.  Selfishly speaking I wonder, does anyone understand or care that I had to miss a very important event with my family and that I am hurting today?  I know they do, but truly I think people are afraid to care for people where or when they might be hurting.  I hope I take time to acknowledge people’s pain and be there for them.  Any how, that’s how it is.  I am so happy for my brother, Paula, his wife to be, and my family today.  I am praying they have a wonderful time celebrating what God has joined together!

We did also have fun again celebrating from Uganda.  We pulled off another mock wedding reception.  This time my sister and her family are also here missing out so they joined us too.  We also made a wedding cake that I am proud to say turned out beautifully.  We did a cake cutting and since the bride and groom were not with us we each chose a partner and fed each other cake.  It was funny to say the least.  Josh and I went last and of all things he shoved it into my face so I shoved it right back.  The kids thought it was hilarious.  And of course we had another dance party.  We had a great wedding reception – thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate Chris and Paula!

And the house – we have a roof!  They also put in all the fence posts, gate and lots of other details.  This week they will work ceilings.  It is changing and exciting.  Thanks Uncle Larry for all your work!

Please pray for Malai.  She has an ear infection and upper respiratory infection.  She was really hurting last night but started medicine today.

Oh, now Grace developed a fever too.  Thanks for praying for us!

Porch roof on

Painting tresses with oil to keep unwanted bugs out - I think

Starting the house roof

Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking Up...

Will be screened in porch ready to roof

Trusses being made and ready to go up

Ready to roof!

The girls painted jar pumpkins with candles inside

I forgot to post our cafe pictures from last week on safari - soft serve ice cream in waffle cones!  It was vacation!

Last week we surprised our leaders, Tim and Angie, with a thank you party for 7 years of service.

We were all touch hearing each of our partners here in Uganda testify of what God has and is doing.  Glory to God!

It was obvious that God was confirming the vision to see God transform people by His power.  We are excited to partner with local believers to build God's kingdom.  Thank you Tim and Angie for all God used you to do in bringing us all together.  God is at work! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Construction, Grace is 8, safari stories and more!

Another "Mandy touch", our waterfall shower - at least the rock the water will fall from.

And the fireplace

Office meeting

view from the backside looking at the porch and house

Garage and guestroom behind the house

Piano lessons

Bow hunting :)

Gracie turned 8 October 11

Grace got her beloved Ugandan soccer jersey - and Luka didn't (and pouted about it).

We love you Gracie!

Weekend away on safari!

We saw a lion!  She was hunting but failed to make the catch for her two young cubs.

There are always stories from safari and memories made.  The lion came closer and closer to our van and at one point was about 30ft away.  Just then Larry opened his door!  We all yelled for him to shut the door, Lydia was about crying in fear and Malai was crying because of all the commotion.  It was quite a sight!  We could not figure out why Larry was ignoring us and didn't shut the door.  It wasn't until the whole traumatic ordeal was done that Larry, who is color blind, said he did see the lion coming his way!  The moral of the story, lock the color blind man's door!

I went on the Nile boat safari

And saw the biggest crocodile ever!

All tired out