Saturday, June 26, 2021


Lydia graduated for high school June 11, 2021!

Lydia is our first one to graduate from our homeschool -
Africa Adventure Christian Academy.
We had a very special graduation ceremony in our backyard with both of her grandparents. 

Each person wrote a speech, poem, letter, or drew a picture to share at the graduation.
Everyone did a great job and it was very meaningful!

So much fun celebrating!!!

Josh, our principle, and I, the school facilitator, gave Lydia her diploma.

Hooray for the graduate!!!

Praying for our graduate.  Holy moments.

Popping streamers over Lydia.

She did it!

We had a nice supper to celebrate the graduation.

June 12 was Lydia's open house

Everything was so beautiful!  God answered so many prayers and gave us a perfect day.  A special thanks Lydia's grandma Shaarda and Beute who made lots of muffins and bread and to Faith who made literally hundreds of muffins!  They were awesome!!!

I can't tell you how much fun it was to prepare for and do the graduation and open house for Lydia.  I love making things simple and special.  Better yet, Lydia was so happy she was celebrated even as a homeschool graduate.

I think for Lydia putting up pictures of herself growing up was one the most important part of the open house.

Can't believe I have a high school graduate!  It was months (maybe longer) of kinda grieving for me.  How can my first born be so old already?  I am not ready for her to leave our home.  But now that the time has come, I am very excited and happy.  I am so proud of Lydia.  She is a beautiful young women.

Lydia was so amazed by everyone who came for her.  Thanks for all the love everyone!


Uncle Tim and Aunt Angie

Aunt Jenna and Aunt Angie

What a fun, special day!

Then on June 15 we went on a family senior trip to Northern Michigan!

First stop was Muskegon to tour a WWII submarine.  Something we've never done before - kinda like a school class trip!

We did learn a lot and said, "can you imagine?" many times.

After lunch at Country Dairy (and ice cream of course), we made it to Ludington House B&B.  Friends who use to go to church with us own the B&B and graciously let us and our children stay there.  Our kids loved staying at a B&B!

We had lots of fun exploring many of Lake Michigan's beautiful beaches.

The Badger in Ludington crosses Lake Michigan to Wisconsin. 

Lots of fun sand dune!

Took a hike to Big Stable light house.

My fun loving teenagers (or almost teenagers).

Beauty and places to play everywhere!

Playing mini golf

On to our Air B&B by Sleeping Bear Dunes

Swimming in Bar Lake on Lake MI

Makai LOVES the beach!  A huge sandbox and water to play in!

We have so much fun together!

We had lots of picnics on our trip.

And lots of ice cream...

Playing in Otter Creek which flows into Lake MI

Breathtaking views

Platte River into Lake MI

June 18 we celebrated our 22nd Anniversary!!!

Last stop, Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City.

What a memorable week!  I am so very thankful for the blessing of celebrating Lydia's graduation as a family and with others.  I can not tell you all the ways God used it to touch our family.  Lydia was glad she was here for all of it and will never forget all that was said about her.  She is very special to us and loved!!! 
And the famous question, "So what are her plans for next year?"  Lydia is taking a gap year where she hopes to be in Uganda.  She also hopes to continue learning by taking a class or two (maybe continue in Spanish or learn French!).  She loves school.  She would also like to travel to see some other missionaries if possible.  I'd love her help teaching Emalai so I can be with Makai.  Lydia is making a wise decision to take time before making a big move to college and being in another country than her home and family.  I am praying she will be able to have some good closure in Uganda before God leads her to the next step.  Right now Lydia is interested in social work and working with girls who have been rescued from trafficking.  This summer Lydia (and Grace) will be going to a camp in Georgia for Third Culture Kids called Transitions. They are so excited!  We are praying by the end of the summer we will know if we can head back to Uganda.  Pray with us that we can go home in September and continue to pray for our dear Lydia.