Sunday, September 3, 2017


We had the privilege of visiting friends the Marsdens in England on our way to the States. We know the Marsdens from Uganda who come there almost every year.  We spent four days together in West Sussex seeing history, experiencing a new culture, and relaxing.  It was wonderful!  The girls and I just finished our Middle Ages unit in history so we were excited to see so much of what we just studied.  We saw what the Romans built, a castle, churches from 1300 years ago, a fort from before Christ!  The history is amazing.  In England I feel like everything is small, older, quaint, quieter and slower life style.  We enjoyed worshiping with the believers there and being part of the family of God in England.  It was a true vacation.  Thanks Marsdens for welcoming us, being our tour guides, sharing your village with us, and blessing us!
The afternoon we arrived we walked to the end of Marsden's road to the water (feeds into the English Channel) where the tide was out.

We went to a castle from the 1300's

The walls were built by the Romans!

Church in the castle walls.  The church is still in use and has been for 900 years!
Josh loves the churches and all the churches have stood for and seen in almost 1000 years.
It reminds us that the church will always stand and be victorious!

The castle.  You could walk around and listen to the history of the castle.

A part of history

Lunch on the English Channel

Now we can say we swam in the English Channel.  The beach was all stones.

Over looking the bay (if you look very close you can see the castle).

Fort built to fight off Napoleon and later used in WWII. 
Neighbors of Marsdens.  The house was built in 1394!

Marsden's house

We enjoyed the sunny but cool weather and relaxing evening playing and eating traditional English meals.
On our way to church.  Everyone at church loved our African fabrics.

The cathedral in Chichester


Big, beautiful and historical.  We even got to hear their evening worship.

Our favorite village church - worshiping in it for 1300 years!

There were crossed engraved into the door frame from the crusaders when they returned from the crusades!
We were amazed to see the history we just learned about.
We also went to a place with all houses from the Medieval  Times up to the 1800's.

We went up on this hill where there once was a fort from the iron ages - before Christ!
It was a beautiful view!
Thanks Marsdens!