Friday, September 27, 2013


I haven't been able to journal recently so I decided to share a few pictures to share what has been happening beside the building of our home.  My sister gets married this weekend - the first wedding we will miss.  So instead of being sad we throw our own wedding reception!  It was super fun! Grace said it was the best night ever, but also went to bed in tears missing her aunt and everyone. Oh it is hard.  So thankful God is with us.  Praying Kansas, Nick and my family know God's presence is with them tomorrow and every day in their marriage.  Love you all!

Our wedding reception since we can't be home at my sister's wedding

Making toasts with our sparkling BLUE peach juice

We had a a wonderful three course meal

No reception is complete without DANCING!

We had so much fun!

We made great memories!!!

Larry and Suzanne celebrated their birthdays one week apart

Malai is getting her second tooth.  She is always big smiles!

Sucking on a chicken bone while we are out for local food

Teacher Sarah

Our teammate Tanya turned 40 and we couldn't just let that one slide by so we all dressed up like old people

40 years from now?!

We sure had fun laughing!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The walls are rising...

Our walls are up to the windows!  Hopefully the windows will be ready today so we don't have to delay the work.  We are very excited to see all the progress but we are also tired.  Josh often says his mind just can't stop thinking about the house and all the details.  I feel for him.  He is keeping up with so much.  I never had a desire to build a home and this is exactly why.  It is just too much - especially in Africa!  I know God called us to this so we will keep going and it will end up a blessing.  But in the mists of it all please pray for our strength, wisdom for each decision, time to do everything, protection for everyone, and rest for the weary.  

the girls in their room

Friday, September 20, 2013

52 Days...

Our family read the story in the Bible about when they rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem in 52 days.  Lydia said wouldn't it be cool if our house was built in 52 days.  Josh said yes it would!  So that has now become the mark for our house - 52 days.  We are now on day 11 and the walls are going up, the windows are being made (by the welder), and God continues to provide the money we need as it is being spent.  Larry celebrated his 62nd birthday yesterday so we brought pop for everyone and had pork and posho instead of the normal beans and posho.  He even had a Ugandan round of Happy Birthday sung to him.  I will hopefully journal this weekend and fill you in on more happenings around here.  

Thanks for sharing in our excitement and praying for us!

Larry and Joseph one of the masons and friend from church

Birthday meal - posho and pork

Using cement bags to make "socks"

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Building our Foundation

I have never watched a house be built.  It is kinda fun to see the process as our home is built.  This weekend as the foundation was laid I was reminded that God is our foundation.  I prayed that our home would be founded in Christ.  He is our firm foundation.  Our home will make it through each storm because we are in Christ.  He will be the center of our home.  He will be the peace that rests in our home.  He is building our home...