Friday, January 22, 2016


Dear friends below is information about the UNSTUCK conference put on by Freedom in Christ just outside Traverse City, MI.  Freedom in Christ is the ministry we are under and the materials we use in discipleship.  This will be a powerful conference filled with Biblical truth.  I encourage you to look into it and go.  Too many Christians are disappointed and are missing all Jesus has given them.  Please pray about going and share this invitation with others.

UNSTUCK Conference
Feb. 5-6, 2016

UNSTUCK ~ Living as Overcomers in a culture of fear, anxiety, depression & anger. 
To be alive and free in Christ means to live in an open and real relationship with Him. Even in the dark and difficult times of life, we can be growing as healthy - even thriving disciples. The UNSTUCK Conference is designed to train up and equip Christ-disciples to live in strength and courage in a culture where fear and anxiety, depression and anger are on the rise. The times we are living in are not intended to cause the Body of Christ to huddle and back away. Learn to live as an overcomer! The culture says "you don't belong, you are not enough", our God says "You are My Beloved, My Chosen One". The culture says "the giants are too big", our God says "I have given you the Land (the promises of God!)". Join us for "UNSTUCK", Feb 5&6, 2016, at New Hope Community Church, Williamsburg, MI. We are praying with great expectation that this will be a weekend of restored hearts and transformed lives!

For more information go to:


Registration now open

Register online HERE
Cost - $25 (conference materials + Sat. continental breakfast & lunch) 

Registration table @ New Hope available Sundays, beginning Jan 17
Contact New Hope with questions, 231-938-8056

UNSTUCK Conference Workshops

Saturday: 10:45-11:45 and 12:30-1:30 p.m. 
Three tracks (each has two workshops)
Participants choose one track:

Track 1, Emotional Wholeness

Judy King, MSW, therapist, FIC Board 

WS I: Emotional Wholeness
Identify and acknowledge emotions that are keeping you tangled up. Learn what it means to "grow up in every way" (Eph. 4), to "live whole and free", even when life sometimes hurts.
WS II: Soul Care: A Therapist's Perspective 
Pathology of anger/anxiety/fear/depression. Where does mental health fit into spiritual health? Finding R.E.A.L. healing for the soul.

Track 2, Grace-Based Parenting

Chris Campbell, youth specialist, FIC field staff 

WS I: God's Blueprint for Parenting
Identity based spiritual formation - how do we create a healthy home environment where kids grow and thrive in their relationship with Christ? Learn the ethics of Grace-based communication and training.
WS II: Reclaiming Stolen Ground 
Practical steps in how to help my kid/teen battle the very real enemies of fear, anxiety and depression. 

Track 3, Disciple-making

Presenter: tbc 

WS I: How do people grow up spiritually? What is discipleship?
What are the best ways to help people mature in Christ? What stunts growth? We'll take a look at developmental stages of growth and consider what it looks like to be a mature disciple.

WS II: Engaging the great commission - what's next? Where can I go to grow? 
• FIC model of disciple-making 
• how to disciple others 
• Lifestyle of discipleship

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Preparing to Leave for Uganda Once Again

            We are preparing to go back to Uganda.  We all have mixed emotions.  We are choosing not to get stressed in our last couple weeks.  It is quite overwhelming to know every we have to go through everything.  There are tree chooses; get rid of it, store it, or pack it.  Then preparing to say yet another hard goodbye to those we love and a place we love.  It breaks my heart to hear Luka say, “I don’t want to leave my Grandpa’s.” 
            If only we could fast forward a month and just be settled back into life in Obulle.  We are looking forward to being back home and to the ministry there, but the transition time is difficult.  We will go from snow to dry season heat and literally go up 100 degrees in temperature.
            Once we get through the adjustment we will once again find our routine.  Mandy will resume home schooling the kids, Josh will continue with training church leaders, writing materials, and discipling.  We will once again be involved in village life, church activities and greeting our neighbors.

Pray Requests and Praise:
·       Praise God for a renewing home service in Michigan and for the encouragement and support we received.
·       Pray for wisdom and strength as we sort and pack.
·       Pray for peace as we prepare to go back to Uganda, say goodbye, and travel.
·       Pray for safety and good health.
·       Pray for us as we transition back to life and ministry back in Obulle.
·       Praise God for His faithful presence, His leading, His protection, and promises!

So Send I You
To ants in the sugar bowl
To things that fly, creep and crawl in the house
To uncertain water, sporadic electricity
To long hours, sweltering heat, exhausting days
To uncomfortable vehicles, crowded jeeps, smelly buses
To early, early mornings
To rice, rice and more rice
To poverty you didn’t believe existed
To masses of people you have never seen
To know and work with people who have never known God
To study, to teach, to learn from your study and teaching
To prove your own motives, values and beliefs
To learn about yourself and the culture that has scared you
To know God and to understand more deeply dependence on Him
So send I you

Will you go?  God goes with you all the way.

Friday, January 15, 2016


Emalai turned 3 December 27!
Malai is a gift from God.  She fills our home with smiles, singing, dancing, and praying.
She loves to give hugs and kisses, be held, cuddle, and read books together.
She loves playing with her siblings, be with Grandma, and exploring the village.
When I was pregnant with Malai the doctor couldn't see a baby in the sac, then I bled, and at the end of the pregnancy my liver was not functioning properly and Malai's life was in danger.  I prayed over my stomach many times and God saved Malai.  We are so thankful for her life and the joy she has brought to our family and many others.
God loves you Malai and we do too!

After Christmas we finally got the snow we have been hoping for!
And it continues to come!
We have had so much fun sledding, playing, walking in, and seeing the beautiful snow!

Abby and Anna, cousins, were with us the first big snow.

The lakes are starting freeze over

Homemade ice cream

We finally got a snow storm with a snow day from school.
The snow is deep, light and fluffy fun!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christmas 2015

Hi All!  This blog is so old but I still want to share our Christmas with you.  Then I can share Emalai's 3rd birthday and all our snow pictures!  We are in our last 3 weeks in MI and busy with sorting, packing, last visits, last appointments, last goodies, last snow day, last time with family...emotions are very mixed around here.  Stay tuned and keep us in your prayers.

Let it Snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!
We didn't have snow on the ground for Christmas but we did after!

Christmas baking Buddy

Extended Shaarda Christmas party (all the Shaarda cousins)

Lydia and I were able to dance for the New Born King this Christmas

My friend Katie and I took our girls to the Christian ballet The Promise
We celebrated Christmas as a family Dec. 23.
We went ice skating and it was so much fun!

Beute Family Christmas Eve Party


Little Princess Cousins

Luka's favorite gift!

Beute Grandkids with Grandpa and Grandma
(This is why we had to move the party to a gym this year - I think there was about 40 of us!)

Shaarda Family Party Christmas Day

Cozy Cousins

So thankful for Christmas!