Monday, January 27, 2020

11, Flying, MI and More

Luka turned 11 Jan. 14!
So thankful for him!  He is growing up and EVERYONE tells him how much he looks like his dad.  I told him that was good because dad is handsome. :)  Luka is a tenderhearted, fun loving, active, silly boy.  He always makes us laugh, is a kind big brother to the neighbor boys, and most of the time you can find him playing sports.  He loves the Lord and we love seeing him grow in Christ.  May the Lord bless you and keep you Luka!  We love you and God does too!

Luka's favorite job flying co-pilot on MAF from Soroti to Entebbe airport in Uganda.

Flying over Obule and our house!
Flying from Dubai to Chicago - 14 hours!
Our beautiful home away from home at Jamestown's Shalom House!
Thank you Jamestown CRC!!!

First day of school for Emalai!
Josh was giving advice to the kids as they went into school and serious as can be Emalai told them, "and don't burp in class."  Funny girl!

Luka's first day in 5th grade at HCS
First day at Unity for Grace!
So we are back in Michigan.  Thank you for all your prayers!  It is an adjustment but overall is God's peace.

I also wanted to add a praise for our New Years Eve with the youth in Obule.  There are no pictures because it was dark but maybe pictures can't capture it.  I stood there under a canopy of stars at mid night with about 65 youth singing and dancing praise to God and thought, "This is exactly where I want to be!  There is no better place or greater joy."  I praise God for the youth in Obule that we get to live life and see grow in Christ.  We are blessed each time someone in the community asked what has happened to the youth in Obule or thanks us for the work we have done.  To God be the glory in the youth and in 2020!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Wedding Day

Lydia, Grace and a few of their friends were in a wedding Jan. 4.  Emma and his wife Priscilla come from our church but now live in Soroti where they were wed.  It was a month of weekly meetings but it was worth it in the end.  It was a fun day and a beautiful wedding!
Rehearsal the night before the wedding (very American to do that!). 
It was a very organized and timely wedding for Uganda.

The girls and I did several trial hair dos the week of the wedding trying to find the right ones.

Beautiful Bridesmaids or maids as they say here.
They rented these dresses for less than $3!

Lydia and Grace with their friends Rhoda and Priscilla 

Our Obule children :)
Samson, Kokus and Tom

Lydia and Grace walked into the wedding together dancing down the aisle.
Josh preached at the wedding

Luka and Emalai looking good too!

For weddings here they change their dresses for the reception.
These are their adorable changing dresses they get to keep.

Dancing all the way back in!

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Emalai's 7th Birthday!

Dec. 27, 2019
Happy 7th Birthday Emalai!  (Birthday flowers from her friends!)
You are a joy to our family and everyone who knows you.  You fill our home with laughter, Ateso singing and dancing, playfulness, and love.  You are kind and sensitive.  You love your friends and living in the village just like them.  You are doing a great job  learning to read, spell and doing mathematics in school.  Your love and faith in Jesus is precious.  You told me you want to be a disciple when you grow up so you can follow Jesus and share Him with others.  You already are!  May the Lord bless you and keep you.  You are loved and we thank GOd for you!
Malai reading her birthday cards by herself!

Everyone is excited about her present!
First dangly earring from her sister!

Grace, our decorator, using her new Christmas present to make birthday cupcakes.

Emalai wanted her friends over for her birthday.  They celebrated with games and cupcakes.  Our neighbors and some of her best friends came for supper.  Malai wanted local food - chicken, rice and chapatis.

Happy Birthday Emalai!  We love you!