Thursday, December 21, 2017

More Michigan & Holiday Fun

Hi!  This has been in the makings too long!  There is so much I want to share and could share and this is really only a glimpse of it.  It is hard to put into words so you are getting another picture recap.  I still hope to write some of my many feelings and our experiences here.  God has spoken, moved and challenged in ways I hope to share with you.  So as aways, stay tuned for more.  Thanks for your patience and enjoy the pictures! 
Our Michigan home thanks to the generosity of Georgetown church!

Josh's 8 point he got opening day!

And his dad - how fun!

We got to be part of the Hudsonville Christmas parade with Hudsonville Christian School.
The school is celebrating 100 years!

Of course it rained on our parade

Every Sunday we speak at one of our supporting churches in Michigan.
It has been a huge blessing sharing, being encouraged and being able to challenge and encourage the church here.

Malai was able to do a month long little worshipers class.
She loves dancing!

Lydia and Grace were also able to be a part of and help in a little worshipers class.

Snow came in November in McBain!
At least enough to go sledding - so my African kids thought.

The night before Thanksgiving our church had a skating party at the roller rink.
A beautiful Thanksgiving at my parents house


The Beute family

We spent Thanksgiving weekend up in McBain with the Shaarda family.
Always fun to explore outdoor and at the farm up North.
This is where Josh spend much of his time.

Getting a Christmas tree

Grace going hunting with Grandpa

And yes, I even went hunting for the first time in my life!
It was beautiful out!

Josh took me to a very nice blind.  A very nice friend allowed us to use it a couple time this year.

It was peaceful and the sky was awesome

Shaarda family pictures!
The grandkids.

Josh and I had a get away in Chicago.  We had a wonderful time!
This is Moody Church that we visited.

This is our view from one of our hotel rooms!

It was nice to see Jesus in a city in need of Him

Josh loved ice skating on the ribbon (I couldn't because of knee surgery).

Chicago from the restaurant we ate at

McBain had it's tree lighting when we were up there with food, caroling and Santa

Malai's ear surgery to fix the hole the tube left.  She did great, but it is never fun.
Doctor visits have been too many for all of us.  We are however very thankful for our health.

Enjoying the snow and being cold for a while.

Lydia and Grace had the blessing of being part of a tech class for ballet.
I am so thankful for a God centered and inexpensive dance class!

Thanks Erica, Melissa and Little Worshipers! 
We have been blessed by all your encouragement and welcoming us.  What great new friends the girls have made.

My ladies Christmas tea - actually I had two because they are such a blessing to me and the ladies.
(We had such a nice time I forgot to take pictures!)
Luka is into drums.  He has broken 2 of my wooden spoons but being creative and loving it!
Luka's Egyptian day at school

Lots of beautiful concerts at Christmas time!  I was so impressed with the high school choir concert Unity Chr. did.  Simply awesome.  Lydia loves choir and her teacher Mrs. Foreman.

Lydia and Grace were in our church choir for the candlelight service

Grace's 7th grade choir.
Luka sings his heart out!

Hudsonville Christian elementary!
I loved the songs, motions, and story of Jesus they celebrated!
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!  I will post those pictures next.  Below is ONE of the many things God has spoken to me this Christmas.  There is so much in the birth of our Savior!  May He be your center, joy, and hope this Christmas!

In reflecting on the Christmas story, we are struck by the fact that God chose to have His Son be born in the village.  God announced it to those who herd animals.  Jesus came to the village!  Jesus could have come to a populated city or to those with positions, titles, and degrees, but He didn’t.  Why?  Having lived in African villages, we believe Jesus went to the village because people have time; relationships are valued; people are real with each other, need each other, and know each other.  Jesus came where people had time for Him, where He was wanted, recognized and needed, where He was heard.  Jesus was always where He was needed.  He was with the poor, sick, broken, suffering.  He was in relationships and always had time for people.  Jesus hasn’t changed. 

Jesus is still in the village today!  He is always with those who need Him. He is at work in places and people who desire Him, who make room and time for Him.  He is speaking where it is quiet and seen where He is loved.  Jesus will always be in the hardest places where people are ignored, broken, suffering, hungry…He is there.  So, it leaves us with one question, are we where Jesus is this Christmas?  Let us be quiet and desire Him.  Let us be real about our need for Him. Let us enter the hunger and brokenness of others and experience Jesus together. 

(I read Heb. 13:11-14 the other day and felt it added to what God was teaching me about being born in the village.  Oh, if I only had time to sit down and tell you!  Read it and see what God has for you.)