Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lusi Update

Lusi successfully had her knee replacement surgery.  We talked to the doctor the day of the surgery and he said all went well.  We went to see her two days after surgery and she was in serious pain.  Her knee, her heart, her much pain she was just crying.  It was terrible to see her like that.  She said the day before was ok but today she believed she was dying - or maybe wanted to die.  She wondered if this kind of pain was normal after surgery.  We asked the nurse for pain killer but the low dose they gave wasn't even touching it.  After watching her moan and cry for awhile we finally asked the doctor for a higher pain killer.  Whatever he ordered worked.  They gave her an injection and she finally relaxed.  Her breathing slowed down, she wasn't so hot and the pain reduced.  It was so nice to see her ok.

We prayed with her that day, talked with the doctor and nurses about keeping up on the pain meds, and told Lusi and her care taker they had to ask when the pain became too much.  Then we went home and continued to seriously pray for Lusi, the pain and healing.

Josh went back the next day and found Lusi MUCH better.  Her pain was under control and she was able to try "walking" with a walker.  She was so thankful things were better.

Yesterday our whole family went to see Lusi.  Lusi kept asking to see Malai.  Lusi was again doing well and very happy we all came to visit her.  She said God brought us to Uganda for her alone.  God loves her and has done good to her through us.  She was crying as she spoke such kind words to us.  She was really thankful for us.  She said God gave her family through us.  She prays that our kids grow up and do like we have done (be like us).  It was really sweet to hear her express her love and thankfulness to God for us.  You don't always get that from people but Lusi encouraged us with her words.

Lusi walked a little ways with her walker and sat down.  The doctor said she is making progress.  It is hard for us to understand how this is all going to work.  How will she be able to go home in a few days and live in the village and use a latrine?  Keep praying for healing and good therapy to help her.

Friday, September 20, 2019


We met Lusi in 2013 when we built our house in Obule.  She was one of the helpers and we noticed how hard she worked and how joyful she was.  Once we moved into our home in Obule we asked Lusi if she would be willing to work for us.  Lusi is a part of our family and my friend.  She has found freedom in Christ, has a great sense of humor, is a good worker, and has been faithful and trustworthy.  I love when I find Emalai and her playing house together.  Lusi has been through a lot but she continues to put her trust in the Lord.  She has opened up her home to care for Achia and now a relative's child. We are so thankful for Lusi!

Over the last two years Lusi's knee has been giving her a lot of trouble.  It increased to the point of now not being able to work well, walk or move well, and she is in constant pain.  Her knee is swollen, it makes cracking noises and now her other knee and hip hurt from having to compromise.  Last year we took Lusi to a good orthopedic doctor about a half an hour away.  After x-rays and talking with the doctor he said Lusi needs knee replacement.  When Lusi saw the cost of the knee replacement she simply said, "That is why people die in Uganda."  Because no one can afford a good doctor to get the help they need.  It is sadly true.

We praise God that people joined us in praying for Lusi.  And both Georgetown CRC and Faith Community Church read of the need and gave money for Lusi to have knee replacement.  It is so special to us when supporters read of a need and respond by the Holy Spirits promoting.  Praise the Lord, He hears and provides!

So, Lusi is in Kumi today being prepped for surgery tomorrow, Saturday Sept. 21.  Please pray for her, for safety, wisdom for the doctors and good care from the nurses, and for full healing.  Lusi says she has peace and is ready to be able to live and work again.  She did ask for prayer for Moses the three year old boy she cares for.  Moses is sick right now and will be cared for by a daughter-in-law while Lusi is away.  Thank you for covering Lusi in prayer with us.  We look forward to Lusi's recovery.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Youth Conference

Last week we had a youth conference with the UCFM churches.  Schools here have three terms so each year during the holiday between the second and third term our church has a conference for the youth.  The last couple years this has been a highlight for Lydia and Grace and even for our whole family.  This was the first year it was not at our church in Obule but at the UCFM church in Pingere.   Pingere is an hour from our home so we packed up our tent and stayed at our friend Micheal's for the three day conference.  We find these events have been very meaningful and they bring us very close to our friends.   We always make great memories too.  I will let our pictures do tell the story.
Sunday evening the truck arrived to pick up the youth from Obule.  It had already picked up youth from Amuria and Kabramido.  To say it was a full load is an understatement!  I often think, "Can you imagine youth in America doing this?"

I was so thankful this truck with precious cargo made it safely.
We took our van Monday morning to the conference in case you are wondering.
The new church building in Pingere.
A great turn out of youth for the conference! 
(And a great number of kids with their baby siblings from the area too!  Best entertainment of the year and free food.)
Last year the theme was from Hebrews "By Faith".  It was a powerful conference and this year is a follow up to that - "Therefor Go!" from Matt. 28 about going and making disciples.  Josh taught on five characteristics of a discipler and four things that prevent us from making disciples.

The youth had hours of teaching/preaching.  Amazes me.
They LOVE to sing together!

Two meals a day of posho and beans for the youth.  Porage for breakfast.  They feed over 250 people so it is a lot of work.  Most of the youth struggled to pay their conference fee (less than $2) plus transport (about $2) so the leaders were short on money and food.  They took offerings to get money for food the last day.  I was happy the youth did give.  And somehow like always it all worked out.  They truly depend on God and see Him provide.

Our kids were so excited to camp out for the conference.  It is fun to be with our friends for a few days and kind of live like them - I said kind of.  This is Micheal and Rose's compound.  They are FIC leaders and friends.  They not only opened up their house to us but to ALL the girls at the conference and most of the leaders!  That is a full house!  They graciously let everyone take their rooms and beds and serve all of us too.  I am humbled by their hospitality.

I just had to add this picture because Emalai was SO happy to be able to bathe like her friends!  She was all into to it and knew exactly how they do it because every week she is at her friends and they wash their feet together.  She finally got to take a full bath outside.  The privacy thing is a bit of an issue for me.

This picture doesn't do justice, but the first night we got a huge rain storm - and we were in our tent.  There was lighting, wind and buckets of rain.  The storm went on for almost two hours.  I did not know if our tent was going to make it.  We got a little wet but overall did well.  I prayed a lot that night.  (We had prayed for no rain for the conference because we knew it would be a mess but oh well.)  The youth didn't make it back to the house before the rain so they waded through the swamp and rivers that covered the paths.  The next morning there was mud and water everywhere.  Our shoes were caked with mud by the time we got to the church.  Ugandans value having clean feet so we all washed our sandals and feet when we got to the church.  It was quite the experience.

Thankful for a well to clean up and to drink!

The youth were really into the choirs at the conference.  Our youth did a dance to "Send Me Out" that Lydia and Grace put together, a drama Rose and the youth put together and a song they made to go with the theme.  So much talent!
(I will upload the video of the youth dance as soon as we have good internet.)

Lydia and Grace also did a dance to "Born Again" that they put together themselves.  They youth loved it and went crazy cheering.  They love anything that sounds like hip hop or rap.
We practiced what we preached at the conference and went out to make disciples.  One afternoon they went out and did "door to door" evangelism.  Thirteen people gave their lives to Christ!  People in the center were resistant or stubborn as they say.  One group was chased from a home (drunk and angry) and another group faced disagreement from a Muslim man.  But another group met with three different group along the road and all three times shared the Gospel and they accepted and believed!  Our pastor was feeling sick but persevered to go with this very group.  He said after so many coming to Christ he came back healed.

And we had a crusade one night in the center.
It gathered a lot of people and they heard the Gospel.  Two people gave their lives to Christ and seeds were planted in many more hearts.
They love to sing and dance!

They asked Lydia and Grace to do "Born Again" for the crusade too.

Our friend and former prisoner came to share at the crusade.

Josh also gave the invitation to give your life to Christ.

It's no wonder we feel close to our friends after a conference like this.  We are doing God's work together!  It is a privilege to partner together to make disciples of all nations.  I was blessed to learn and serve together.  I am humbled by the leaders.  They took care of us, they worked hard and they appreciated having us there.  I know God's will was done and He was glorified.  I pray youth grew in Christ and God raised up workers for the harvest field.  I pray they take it home and begin by sharing there.  I pray lost were saved and those who were are discipled.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hi from the village...

Just a quick hello.  We settled in, back to school, and ministry.  We are still enjoying rains and cooler weather - yeah!  We are so thankful to be back worshiping in our church.  This past week ten people gave their lives to Jesus in the prison.  Praise the Lord, He is at work!  We are off to our churches youth conference tomorrow for three days.  Oh, it's good to be home.

We brought back a lawn mower and the kids are quite fascinated by it.

The girls are thankful to be back with their friends and their friends are happy to have them back.
They all worked together at their friend's house (her father died last year) to harvest seasmy seeds.

Simple joys and imaginations...I love it!