Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back in Soroti

March 26, 2009

Today I asked Lydia if she is happy to be back in Uganda. She said yes. She said she likes Uganda because she doesn’t get shots here. Way back in November Lydia got her 5 year old shots at the doctor in MI. I guess that is something she wont forget. I cut Grace’s hair now too (Lydia’s was cut Sunday because she was too sweaty). Grace thinks she looks like a boy even though it is cut just above her shoulders. They have been really good. I am so proud of them. And Luka too. He slept 9 hours the other night and almost 8 hours last night. What a good boy!

Oh, Lydia was talking today about a diary but she was calling it a “diarrhea”.

April 5, 2009

Wow, we have been in Soroti for two and a half weeks and I am finding it very hard to find time to sit down and write. I love writing and sharing with everyone but the reality is I have a new baby and two other kids. So, I think this year writing will be to a minimum. But who knows, I still need my sanity right?

I am very pleased to say things are going very well and I am happy and thankful. The rains finally started which has made life much more pleasant with cooler temperatures. We have been very busy mostly because we moved into our new home. There are lots of boxes to unpack, sorting, and putting away. I hate undone projects so everyday I have to remind myself to only do so much. Having a baby keeps me in check. Luka always reminds me when to take a break and feed him. And I have to have time to cook for the family. I have been reminded how much time it takes to prepare a meal. There are also a lot of little details and fix ups that are needed around the new house. All in good time but right now I think it is frustrating Josh. He would much rather be doing ministry. It was very stressful this week when our generator and hot water heater did not work and both were worked on before we left in November and were suppose to be ready. Of course we had no power 3 or 4 evenings this week which meant too many candle lit nights.

Other than all of that, I love our new home! It is fun making it into our home (I think it is a women thing). I like all the extra space we now have. I love all the trees, flowers, and shade. I look out our windows so thankful for the beauty. Each day the birds are singing in the trees so pretty. It is different being in a new house and down the road from Tim and Angie. Not bad just different. Josh and I prayed through our home the first night we slept here. It is something we have never done together but know it is great to do. It sure brings a lot of peace knowing you have invited Jesus into every room in your home.

The kids are doing GREAT. I am so thankful prayer and answered prayers. Luka has been sleeping through the night for two weeks now. What a good boy! He is happy and bring a lot of joy to our family. Grace is even doing well (even with all the change). She has a cute new hair cut. She has been carrying around four pictures of her grandpa and grandma Shaarda and aunts and uncles that they sent her. That reminds me that she misses them. She also talks about the time when she ate at grandma Beutes and had chicken soup with crackers in it. It is funny what they remember and meant something to them. Grace sleeps with a bed full every night. She puts her pictures, two little Bibles, a ball, phone, and her blanket under her pillow. I guess that comforts her. Lydia continues to be easy going and joyful. She was sick last week when we moved in the house but thankfully that stomach bug seemed to pass quickly. We were praying with the girls one night and they both had several “boo-boos” to pray for and Lydia said, “God has a lot of work to do.” We were walking down the road the other day and talking about Jesus being in our hearts. Lydia said I want Jesus in my heart! So there on the Lira Road she said her little prayer all by herself and asked Jesus to live in her heart. Praise God! Here is something funny, Grace loves to tease Lydia at times and the other day Lydia was mad at her and she told Grace how mean she was and stormed off. Grace looked at Avalien and said, “That was funny.” What else about the kids? Luka has real tears now (just incase you wanted to know Mom S). The girls sleep well most nights but other nights seem to have a lot of trouble I think with dreams. I wish I knew if it was the malaria meds or not. We will keep an eye on it anyways.

Today is Josh’s 31st birthday! We had a party yesterday. Complete with grilled port steaks, potato salad, fruit salad, and cake. Our team came and celebrated with us. The girls and I made Josh a giant chocolate chip cookie. Angie gave him cinnamon rolls. I guess we all know what Josh enjoys. He is now sitting on the porch with Luka sipping a Mt. Dew (they have them in glass bottles here). So he should be happy.

We went to our church today. I was very happy to be there. Their singing is simple but nice and Francis’ preaching is good. I am thankful for the truth he shares from God’s Word each Sunday. They are having a shower for Luka next week.

April 7, 2009

Lydia started school this week! Karen, a friend from college, is on our team for the next ten months and so was willing to teach Lydia every morning for a couple hours. Lydia seems to love it. I think she really likes the one on one. It sounds like they are having fun too. I am a bit jealous but usually when I am I am sitting in the rocking chair feeding Luka and realize there is no way I could handle home school right now. Karen and I are very happy with our chose of curriculum so far. I can thank Rebeka for that.

Side note, Luka got over 13 mosquito bites on his arm the other night. We think it is because he rolled up against the bug net. Poor guy. Don’t worry grandma we put him in a different bed so he can’t rollup against the net anymore. We are taking good care of him.

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