Monday, September 20, 2010

A bit of everything update

September 20

I am sure you are all wondering how Tim is so let me fill you in as best I know. I talked to Angie today and it sounds like the frustrations continue but they are at least making progress. We think we have a diagnosis – Osteomylitis -- which means basically an infection in the bone. So it looks like the infection in Tim’s elbow joint moved to his knee and into the bone. This means six weeks of antibiotic (probably by IV but hopefully done at home) and rehabilitation so he can walk and use his knee and elbow again. Thank God for an answer and something treatable!

Tim, Angie, Zulea, and Jennifer are doing well. Tim was quite discouraged this weekend and they are all tired but they are trusting in God through it all. Tim’s doctor in Michigan is now also talking with them and the doctors in Kenya. Hopefully tomorrow Tim will have a bone scan (he already had an MRI and CT-scan).

As for all of us, we are doing great. We enjoyed having Avalien and Moses with us for a few days. All of the kids were so good and I was thankful I could give love and comfort to Avalien and Moses while their parents were gone. They are now at their home with another team mate.

We are having so much fun with Grandpa and Grandma here! What a blessing. They have been really helpful in the “chaos”. They are getting a good taste of our lives here. Today Dad went with Josh to teach an hour away. Mom watched Luka this morning as I taught Lydia and Grace and in the afternoon helped me bake for dinner with our team tonight. I am trying to soak it all it. What a precious thing to have them here especially for the kids. It feels so good. I think Uganda overwhelms them a bit – it is not McBain! – but they are taking it all in and trying everything. Good for you Dad and Mom!

Right now we are waiting for our new team members to arrive, the Kaisers (a family of five). We have everything ready – goodie basket and all! Hopefully they will have a good adjustment to this big move.

Thanks for praying everyone. We are so grateful for you!

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