Monday, September 13, 2010


We need your prayers. Tim has gone downhill again and now the infection is in his knee too. He can't even walk on it. They will be going to Kampala first thing in the morning to go to the hospital. The doctor has upped his meds too. We are right now in Entebbe where Luka and I are flying out in two hours. Pray for Angie and the kids as they figure out detail and caretakers. Thank God for Jennifer and other missionary friends. Most of our team is at a training this week. Wow, what a lot going on and a lot of stress. To top it off Zulea, Sliedrechts baby, is sick too. PLEASE pray for Tim, the family, and all of us involved!!! I just had to write before I left to have a little peace of mind knowing others are praying. Thanks.


Lauren Vollink said...

Hi Tim, This is Lauren Vollink. I am from Georgetown Christian Reformed Church. I was looking into going to Uganda sometime within the next year. So if you could get back to me with some information I would really appreciate it. Thanks again, Lauren

Bill Terpstra said...

We are joining you in prayer for Tim's healing!

Josh - we need to set up a skype call with you, tim and myself to discuss the orphange soon.


Bill & Donna Terpstra

Barb Buteyn said...

Praying for Tim and the rest of you. It sounds like a busy time coming up with new team members, Tim sick and having Josh's parents visit. Having Grandma and Grandpa around for a couple weeks will be great fun. Hope it goes well.
Also, praying that Luka's test results are clean.
Barb and John