Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines & Elections

February 20

Happy Valentines Day! Although Valentines isn’t a big deal it is, it is a day to tell people you love them. I do want all of you to know that I love and appreciate you! We celebrated here by having a mother and daughter Valentines tea. I started out by telling the girls that their mothers love them very much and that God loves them too. Lydia quickly chimed in and said, “And the daughters want the mothers to know we love them too.” Melt my heart. What a thoughtful girl. Lydia and her friend Abby also made up a couple songs and sang them with their guitar. They have talent!

We also said goodbye to the Sliedrechts this week as they left for a four month home service. Lydia and Grace are bummed their cousins had to go. Grace wonders what she will do without her best friend Avalien and Moses on the way to the airport wanted to go home because he knows Luka will miss him. Isn’t it great how much they love each other? I too was sad to let my sister go but am so glad we are able to live and serve here together. So we will all survive. The bummer is that we leave as soon as they return so really we will be apart for about 7 months. Thankfully we have a great team here now. We will never be alone. God be with you Sliedrechts until you return!

Uganda had their elections Friday. Thankfully it has all been peaceful. It was the quietest I ever saw town and all of the Indian own stores were closed for two days (they didn’t even do that for Christmas). Voting stations where all over – in the park, under a tree, by a school – and people were lined up about 50 deep to vote. The results are suppose to be announced on Sunday and Monday so we continue to pray for peace during that time. Many Ugandan were surprised we stayed and thanked us for being with them. We have just been lying low at home just in case something happens. It has been a bit of an uncomfortable feeling the last couple months. We prepared and went over our evacuation plans as a team just in case, we stocked up on some food, water, and fuel just in case, stopped traveling, and prayed a lot. We didn’t think any violence would take place but the truth is you never know in Africa – or in the world today. It is in God we truly trust. He is our protection and He is in control. When it comes down to it, I know we would have the resources and help we would need to get out of here but it is the Ugandan people who would again suffer. Innocent people at the hands of anger and evil. So let’s continue to pray for peace in Uganda and for godly leaders here.

I have been really enjoying our ladies Bible study lately (which somehow I became the leader of). We are going through 1 John – Love God and love others. And over and over again it reminds us to do just that. It has been really neat how God has allowed me to apply this to my life. I am learning to be more selfless and loving. This week I was able to bless some new missionary friends with an anniversary dinner at our home. We were going to be away and our friends had no where to celebrate 39 years of marriage, so I prepared a candle lit meal, got the house ready and they enjoyed a long afternoon alone together. It was so fun to do for someone. I realized that I love when I get to use my gift of creativity. Josh thought I was a bit crazy but the couple loved it and I think Josh ended up being jealous of their nice date. I also was able to bring a basket full of comfort things to a team member a bit homesick. And I babysat for another couple in need of a date. You know what I found out? It is a joy to love others! Aren’t God’s ways the best?!

God also blessed me this week with some amazing encouragement from my husband, team mates, and supporters. It is the greatest compliment when others see Christ in you. What an answer to prayer! It encourages me to continue. Thanks everyone.

Lydia lost her seventh tooth in her friend’s pool this week. She is now missing three of her upper front teeth. We asked her how she eats and she said she just manages. Grace also has her first loose tooth which she is thrilled about. Lydia did Bible study this week with her Ugandan friends and a team mate. She came home and told us that her name means worshiper of God and her friend Abela means stick. I just thought that was a bit sad. I pray Abela knows she is really the daughter of the King.

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