Sunday, February 27, 2011


February 27

The week was off to a ruff start when my purse was stolen Monday. I couldn’t believe it. I had just finished at the supermarket, got in my van, put my purse on the seat next to me, put down the windows and drove to the Coke depot. At the corner I had to stop and pull over a bit for a truck that was parking. I remember looking at the people by the hardware shops and watching the truck and bikes to know when I could go again. I was there at the most one minute. When I got to the depot my purse was gone.

I panicked a bit and began to pray for God’s help. I know I had my purse and now it was no where. How could this have happened? I didn’t see or hear anyone. It had to be when I stopped for the truck and someone reached in the window. Rrrr! I went back to the supermarket hoping I left it there but I didn’t. They helped me call Josh who was suppose to be gone teaching all day but it was canceled so he was home. He called the phone that was in the purse but of course no one answered.

Our Indian friend from the supermarket went with me to where the purse was stolen. I let him get out and talk with the people standing around there. As I sat there I could remember the very people there when it happened. There is no way no one saw. Someone had to have noticed him take a purse out of my van and run with it. A man came to my window with bloodshot eyes and asked how he could help me. I told him he couldn’t. My Indian friend came back and said they would help for 100,000ush (about $50). I was out raged! That isn’t help. I decided I wanted to get out and talk with these people. They took me to the man that came to my window who said he knows the man who did it. I said to him you mean you saw this man take my purse and did nothing?! He said no I just know of him. I said and now you want my money to help instead of doing it out of the kindness of your heart! He looked at me and said I am not saved like you. All I said was then I will pray for you and went back to my van.

I was so upset. They were just as bad as the thief – maybe he was the thief? I looked around at all the men and just felt like they were all bad and all laughing at me. No one seemed to care that wrong was done. I didn’t trust any of them. Who can we trust? Why am I here serving and helping them when they treat me like this? It is all so wrong! My thoughts and feelings went on and on. When I got home I just cried. (Thankfully Josh was there to hold me. Pretty sure I worried our guard though.) Why was I so upset by this? I had so much to be thankful for. All that was in my purse was some money, a cheap phone (not even my good one because it was not working right), my Ugandan drivers license, and restaurant and store cards for Kampala. But it was my purse, my things. I wanted my card with a free meal in Kampala on it, my grocery store points I earned, my wallet from Nigeria. Silly I know but that is how I felt. I was thankful that all the women I talked to knew exactly how I felt – violated.

That afternoon I felt like God was telling me to put into practice what He has been teaching me. In our ladies Bible study we have been going through the book of 1 John – love one another. And all God taught me about injustice last week. I was treated unjustly (in a very small way) now how would I react? I taught the girls in the afternoon and the Bible lesson was on forgiveness. Was God testing me? I didn’t want to fail. I need to forgive this wrong and the person who did it. I needed to pray for the man I talked to who isn’t saved and for the man who took my purse. They need Jesus. I wanted to honor God by how I dealt with this. I put it before in prayer and let it go. The next day God showed me a verse from Lamentations 3:59, “You have seen, O Lord, the wrong done to me. Uphold my cause!”

Thankfully the week only got better.

Josh and I were talking about our plans to go home (to MI) this summer and Gracie piped in, “But we are home Mom.” She is right. We are home here. What a blessing. Our kids see this as home (and I think MI as vacation!) and I can now too. What an answer to prayer.

Luka said his first little prayer this week. Precious. He is so polite too. We asked him if he was ready for bed one night and he politely said, “No mank you.” Luka sings now too. He loves The Joy, Joy, Joy and we sing it after every meal. In school this week the girls were learning about China and I told them that they don’t know Jesus there and those who do aren’t allowed to have Bibles or go to church. The girls were so concerned. Lydia said Mom let’s pray for them right now, so we did. Sometimes they are the ones who remind me how to live out our faith.

(The picture is of Luka holding an ostrich egg!)

I just have to tell you – again – how hot it is here. I didn’t think it could happen but it is getting worse. If we were in Michigan there would be warning all over the news. Stay inside in your air conditioning or go to the lake. What do we do here? I know what I do, I get crabby and complain. Sorry God I am trying not to. I literally feel like I am in an oven because the air is so hot and you can’t escape. Luka left his bread out for an hour and it literally toasted. Hopefully the increase in tempts and winds mean rainy season is coming but no one knows. Everyone has their options though. Just like in Michigan everyone is talking about how hot it is. Every year here is different so all we know is the rain will come again. We had a huge rainy season last year so I guess we are due for a long dry season. All of us are suffering from headaches do to the heat and lots of wind. Lydia’s allergy’s are really bothering her. Needless to say the girls are very excited to go to Kampala this week and go swimming. Now that is something to look forward too!
(Someone asked how hot is it so I put the thermometer outside in the sun and it reached its max at 120degrees! That is in the sun but it also may have gone higher if it could have. In my kitchen where the thermometer usually sets it is around 92degrees - without the oven on. We live in an oven remember.)

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