Monday, January 5, 2015

A Wonderful Christmas...and 2nd Birthday!

Lydia, Grace and Luka said part of Luke 2 and sang for our Christmas service. 
As they practiced the week before Christmas I was touched by the simple beauty of Christ birth. 
This is the real reason we celebrate Christmas.  Jesus came from glory to the sufferings of this world because He loved us.
  Come let us adore Him!

Our family Christmas Eve 2014

What JOY our children brought us this Christmas!

Christmas Eve with friends and family

We enjoyed appetizers, gifts, a meal, Christmas carols, dessert...all the sights and sounds of Christmas...together.

Our Malai enjoying Christmas

The kids did a nativity as we sang Christmas carols

Christmas Day - Lydia and her friend with matching dresses

Josh preached the Christmas day sermon

Our kids nativity choir

Lydia by one of at least three pots of rice for our Christmas meal with our church

Malai "helped" by sweeping

Our Christmas looks different than yours but we are thankful to still be with people we love.
I really enjoyed when they sang a couple of their Christmas songs (listen below).

Enjoying our Christmas meal of rice and meat.

We had a big surprise after our time at church and got a big rain storm (in dry season).
It wasn't snow but it cooled us off and we watched the from the window as our yard filled with puddles.

Christmas night we had our family Christmas

That is our Grace - with her beloved fake glasses

Lydia and Grace got sisters willow tree dolls

Malai was so cute with her presents.
"Mine" was her favorite word.  She took time opening each present and was excited to see what was inside.
She LOVED her "lop lops" best and often sleeps with them on.

Lydia is our reader and was thrilled with more books to read

What a great Christmas!

Dec. 27th Emalai turned 2!

How we love you Malai! 

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