Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grandpa & Grandma in Obulle!

We had lots of fun with Grandpa & Grandma Beute here!
The kids even got Grandpa to play red rover :)

Josh and Dad made easels for the school to put chalk boards on

Greeting at our churches school - Christ the Answer

Shopping at the second hand market

Dare I put this on with so many Lion fans?!

Market run
Walking to our friends home in the village

Little Miss Tutu, boots and all 
Grandpa did lots of reading

and playing games

Our little local market on Thursdays

Helping with laundry
And at the well


Poor Malai was sick

No fun testing for Malaria - ends up just a virus
Butcher shop

Family worship night.
The girls love to dance while we worship.
I love the prayers of our children.  
Lydia thanked God for everything we can share from little things like skidles to big things like our faith.  Amen!

Visiting our pastor and family

The kids love to play

Chicken and rice anyone?

The 3 Marys

Our guides home

Bedtime routine: bath (or at least wash feet!), check for jiggers (sand fleas on feet), brush teeth...

Luka kept Grandpa very busy playing any kind of ball or hunting

Thanks for coming G & G! 

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