Monday, March 4, 2019

My new sister!

Four years ago a young mother with a baby on her back stopped Josh and I and with desperation in her eyes asked for help for her child who had a problem with her head.  I will never forget the day we met Achia.  She was laying in the dirt, soaked with dowel and caked with dirt, big tummy and small body she reaching to be held at my touch.  God was at work.

Since that day God has led us to walk with Achia and her family through ups and downs.  There were times of tears and fear and times of celebration and hope.  God rescued and saved Achia many times.  God has provided people to help like Charles, Lucy and my parents.  God used Achia's life to show His love.

God called my parents to take Achia as their child.  Adoption in Uganda is long, difficult and has many frustrations and unknowns.  My parents knew it was Achia they were called to in their retirement.  They have been called many things from crazy to saints, but they continued to only follow God's voice.  In obedience they moved to Uganda.  Uganda became home for a year and they saw God enable them and provide for them.  They never wavered on their love for Achia even when things were difficult.  They knew every hardship they faced was worth it because of Achia.  

Friday March 1 we were able to celebrate with my parents the official adoption of their tenth child, Achia!  It was an emotional moment for me and I still cry writing this.  It was a long journey and I worship God for all He has done.  How God saw, provided and orchestrated everything.  

We prayed together the night before court and shared tears of thanksgiving and trust.  I could see Dad's anxiousness the day of court.  We sat all day waiting only to be told to come back tomorrow.  The morning we saw the judge we were all in his chambers - Achia's parents Opio and Regina, Dad and Mom, Mike and Barb (friends visiting), Josh and I, and the lawyer and probation officer - praying as we sat silently and listened.  Achia was being Achia banging her toys and making her noises.  I was praying for a Spirit of peace, wisdom and truth.  Later in the day Dad said it was like peace just came over the room.  That's God! The judge's first words were that he didn't like that the lawyer changed courts and how that is a red flag.  He went on to be surprised that Achia was eight and had so many disabilities.  The lawyer carefully shared all the Ugandan laws that Dad and Mom met for this adoption.  The judge talked to Opio and Regina and even joked with them about how many cows he paid for Regina.  Opio and Regina did a wonderful job of sharing that we are their friends and they asked us to help them because they cannot care for this child.  There were a few other interactions and then he gave his ruling.  Because of the needs of this child and all requirements that were met by Dad and Mom he approved of this adoption.  All parental rights are now theirs, they are free to move around the world with her (at their expense), they can rename her and she is now Achia Beute.  The judge then said congratulations you have just delivered a child, you may now leave the delivery room.

After our tears, we all celebrated!  I have a new!  Grandpa loves to tease Luka that he now has to call her Aunt Achia - Luka refuses.

Thank you to everyone who shared this journey with us, who prayed for Achia and helped.  To God be the glory great things He has done!

(I know some of you will ask what is next.  My parents will now get Achia's Ugandan passport and then have an appointment with the US Embassy.  Their agency and lawyer will help them with this.  We do not know how long this will all take, but they are praying they will be back in MI by this summer.  Our family leaved in April so we hope to see them again in MI.  Keep praying!)

I also want to add:  Last week Charles went to Karamoja to get Opio and Regina, Achia's birth parents, for court.  Karamoja is North East of Obule and is an unreached area.  Charles came back crying over the poverty, hunger, no water, barrenness, hardship, disparate and hopelessness of the land and people.  True bondage.  He told people here that we think we have poverty but we are rich compared to those people.  There is no food and they little one small meal once a day.  Charles shared with tears Sunday his heart of love for those in Karamoja and need for God's people there.  We all joined together in prayer.  Please pray with us for Karamoja. 


Mary Beute said...

Beautiful job Mandy. It all began with God and a little girl. He brought her to our hearts! I posted this on Facebook for our friends to read. Thank you for all your help, prayers and love!

Anonymous said...

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