Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Thank you God!

Ok, so things have changed again. Tim did not have his minor surgery here in Soroti. After an hour of waiting at the clinic they still where not doing anything so they talked to the doctor in Kampala and decided to go to Kampala in the morning and have the surgery and treatment done there. Our team got together for a meal and prayer time (it was already scheduled before this) and Tim appeared be doing quite well. I felt it was really fooling all of us -- he is a sick man! Jennifer too was very unsettled about things. My stomach was all upset thinking about how Tim was really doing -- was he going to be ok? Jennifer took his blood pressure just before we went to pray. It was 90 over 49. Low, too low. She told him to drink as we went to pray.

So we prayed as the kids and Tim watched a movie in the other room. I LOVE our prayer time. It is like I can feel Jesus just filling me with His power. He is so sweet to me! I just love our Lord. He is real. He is with us. Ok, so we all lifted to the Lord Tim. One person prayed that Jesus' clean, pure blood would run through his veins. I prayed that when we were finished and we checked his blood pressure again that it would be normal so we knew God was at work. We surrender control to God and put all our trust in Him. We covered our team in God's protection as we all felt oppressed lately. We lifted the lost people on our hearts. And praised our Father. How good it is to be desperate for Jesus.

Then it happened. We went back to Tim checked his blood pressure and it was normal! 110/60. Praise the Lord! He is at work and with us. His one glass of water he drank did not bring his blood pressure up -- Jesus did! He also went to the bathroom which was another great sign we watned to see. The kidneys are working. I am just thrilled. We love Tim, Angie, our team, and most of all our Faithful Father.

Keep praying for Tim and everyone. Tomorrow morning they leave for Kampala with Jennifer and Beckie and Zulea. We will take care of Moses and Avalien with the help of our team mates. Then hope to be in Kampala just until Thurday. We pray tomorrow they get the elbow worked on and the infection drained out (or maybe God will do that by morning). Tim will have to recover which sounds like meds and physical therapy. Still a lot of unknows, but we know God is with us and at work. Thanks for joining us in prayer!

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