Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ok, a new update. Tim is at the clinic (in Soroti) right now and they finally saw the doctor and are doing something. The doctor took a sample from Tim's elbow (which came out with infected fluid) so they are right now preping for a minor surgery to open the elbow up and get the infection out. Jennifer is hopeful that this will really help and hopefully be the start to getting Tim better.

We are all so thankful for Jennifer and the others helping her with medical advice and for our whole team who are all pitching in to help wherever they can. So good to be together. We are also thankful for the body of Christ praying with us! So many emotions come flooding back into my heart of all the prayers that touched us with Luka's sickness. Once again we can trust in a healing God!

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The VanderKooi Family said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. We are definitely praying for Tim, and for your whole team. We're praising God that Jennifer is on your team and is able to do what she can. We'll keep praying for you all!