Thursday, March 19, 2015


Thank again for praying for Achia and family.

We continue to visit them daily.  I usually go before lunch and Karlie and the girls go in the evening.  Karlie has been working on her muscles (had to do similar stuff with her younger brother).  

I am thankful to see Achia clean and eating/drinking.  However, her stomach was VERY hard yesterday and I am sure she wasn't comfortable.  Her body doesn't know how to process the milk and food.  Today it was better and the mother said she did poop (sorry, just being real here).  But it she seemed her head was hot today (ok it is hot out - over 100 degrees).  I will take her temp later today and see.  We don't want her to get sick.  We also gave Achia de-worming medicine and new sensitive formula.

Charles visited again with me today and I always get more information when he is along.  The mother, Regina, thanked me for sending food yesterday because without it they would not have eaten.  I asked Charles what the husband makes for herding.  The wife said he gets 20,000ush a month -- that is about $8 a month!  They have no garden and so they have to buy their food and you cannot feed a family on that kind of money.  They really have nothing.  Some neighbors gave her some flour for today.  I asked Charles if the husband is good or drinks.  Charles said her drinks and has been gone for the last 36 hours without coming home.  I was so mad!  I am too trusting after all these years.  He seemed nice and caring.  Here his family is almost starving and he is drinking the little bit of money they have!?!

Charles always reminds me these people need Jesus.  So I am writing to ask for prayer as Josh and Charles hope to meet with this family tomorrow morning to share the Good News with them.  Pray for them to hear truth and receive Jesus!  We know there is freedom for this family in Christ.  Pray also the church comes around this family to show love by sharing and helping.

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