Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Update on Achia

God's precious daughter Achia
(4 1/2 years old but smaller than a two year old)

Achia led by her mother, 2 year old sister Acole, Dad and two month old baby sister Mary

Thank you everyone for praying for Achia and her family.  Monday when we went to get Achia we were happy to see her father there too.  He also wanted to go with us to Amecet to see what help was available.  Achia was much cleaner too.  At YWAM's Amecet (helps sick children) they also thought she was possibly blind.  We got more of the story from the father who said Achia was born normal but got cerebral malaria at two months old.  The malaria damaged the brain.  She never crawled or walked.  Achia only weighs 7.2 kilos (about 16lbs).  Sad.

So the people at Amecet think that Achia can improve, she will never be normal but she needs better nutrition and help to strengthen her muscles.  She needs stimulation too.  She has been left alone too much.  They would like to see her stay with them for one month to see what kind of improvement they can get.  The parents agreed.  However, Amecet is full right now so maybe in a week or two we could bring her back.  For now we are helping the parents with food and milk for Achia and visit each day to interact with Achia and move her muscles.

We visited the family again in the evening and showed them how much formula to give to Achia and brought eggs and portage too.  I also brought some clothes.  I saw inside the hut and realized these people really have nothing.  Charles share some with the parents about how to care for Achia and what she need and some about Christ's love too while we were there.  He knows that love is going to be the best medicine for this child.  We also asked about what she will do with Achia when she goes to the garden or somewhere (she has a baby on her back and a two year old follows her so there is no way she can take Achia and so she get left at home alone).  We were glad to hear they do have a teenage niece who helps them.  We learned (not surprised) that they have brought Achia to the witch doctor before too.  We all realize this family is bound and in darkness.  Jesus wants them to know His freedom and light.

Today I was so happy to see the father giving Achia milk when we arrived (not holding her but helping)!  She was clean and dressed.  She even slept well at night for the second night (they said she didn't sleep at night before).  I think she feels better with food.  I was so happy.  Achia is simply lovable.  She always reaches for you when you touch her.  She tries to touch your face when you touch her.  She even almost smiles when you kiss her cheeks.

I realize that this is still not going to be easy for anyone.  Achia will improve and be healthier but she will always be disabled and that is a hard life in this country.  There isn't much of any help or resources for her.  It is sad and difficult.  I was so tired last night after caring for, helping and my heart on this child and family.  What will it look like a week from now, a month?  Can we keep up loving and caring for them?  I pray our church begins to embrace them and share the love of Jesus with them.  For now, I will not look to far ahead and keep close to the Lord to give me what I need for each day.  I am holding onto God's promises for Achia and her family.  

"The Lord is faithful to all His promises
and loving toward all He has made.
You open Your hand
and satisfy the desires of every living thing.
The Lord is righteous in all His ways
and loving toward all He has made."
Ps. 145:13-17

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